Hugh Wilson Shield Goes to Bernard

Bernard Mc Keever who won the Hugh Wilson Shield this week with 40 pts.

Bernard Wins Hugh Wilson Shield 

It was the Hugh Wilson Shield competition at Silverwood Golf Club on Saturday, it was a windy day with soft fairways with no run and this made for a tough challenge for the members. 

The winner with 40 pts was Bernard Mc Keever, his front nine had one birdie at the 9th hole and three pars at the 1st 4th and 8th holes, one double bogey at the 3rd hole and four single bogeys, his back nine was very steady with six pars, two double bogeys at the 10th and 16th holes and one single bogey at the 12th hole to win on a better back nine score. 

In 2nd place was Jim Mc Neice again with 40pts, he had a great front nine of 25pts with four pars at the 4th 6th 8th and 9th holes and five single bogeys, but Jim could not continue his fine form on the back nine returning only 15pts with four bogeys at the 13th 15th 16th and 17th holes and five double bogeys to just lose out. 

In 3rd place was Aaron Doyle with 39pts he has three birdies on his front nine at the 3rd 4th and 8th holes, two pars at the 1st and 6th holes, one triple bogey at the 5th hole and three single bogeys. His back nine was very solid with only two bogeys at the 12th and 16th holes and seven pars. 

The gross prize was picked up by Fintan Mc Areavey with an excellent 3 under par 69. His front nine 34 included three birdies at the 4th 5th and 7th holes, four pars at the 1st 6th 8th and 9th holes, and two bogeys, his back nine of 35 contained four birdies at the 11th 12th 13th and 18th holes, three pars at the 10th 14th and 15th holes and two single bogeys.  

4th place went to David Carville with 39pts, he had five pars, three bogeys and one double bogey on his front nine, and five pars, three bogeys and one double bogey on his back nine. 

5th place was picked up by Ethan Headley with 38pts he had a front nine of 36 with one birdie at the 8th hole two bogeys at the 6th and 8th holes, and six pars, his back nine had three birdies at the 13th 14th and 18th holes, two bogeys at the 15th and 16th holes, and four pars.  

The senior prize went to Joseph Kelly with 38pts 

The junior prize was won by Jack Doyle with 36pts 

Section winners: 

0-12              Joseph Scullion        37 pts 

13-18           Dessie Anderson      36 pts 

19-28           James Nelson           38 pts 

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